How Long Does Water Damage Take to Show Up?

Water damage can occur quickly, usually within 24 hours. If you notice any signs of water damage, it's usually not something you can fix on your own. As a leak or flood spreads, it will soak up everything around it, including personal belongings such as books and photographs, which can swell and become deformed beyond repair. Soft furniture and upholstery will get soaked and walls and floors will begin to absorb water damage.

Drywall, furniture, wooden doors, and window frames can swell, while paint or wallpaper can peel off or blister and affect electrical systems. Within two days of water damage, mold can start to grow. It may not be visible right away, but if not handled in time, it will spread and produce an unpleasant musty smell. If you don't take care of the water damage within one week, it will worsen.

If you suspect that there is any type of water intrusion in your home, you usually don't have more than 48 hours to react. Every hour you wait after that means that property damage and mold growth are steadily increasing. Not only does water itself weaken the structure of your home, but the presence of mold means that even the air you and your loved ones breathe can be a health hazard. Being aware of the damage will make a big difference and will also help you prevent some of the damage.

However, if water damage occurs near the switch box, appliances, or electrical outlets, call an experienced professional to ensure safety. If you leave water damage for more than a week, the time frames, costs and effort involved in any restoration work will increase significantly. Gutters protect your home from water damage by removing rainwater from the roof and away from the foundation of the house. Regardless of the severity of the initial damage, you can't afford to wait to start the water cleaning process.

The best way to prepare for a flood is to know where the water comes from and how much water enters your home. If water damage comes from a clogged sewer network, or if the water is gray or black, wait for professionals to touch or treat the water in any way as it poses a serious biological hazard. Whether it's broken pipes, leaking appliances, or more serious problems such as sewer jams, flooded basements or even water damage after a fire - they can all cause major problems. Let's take a closer look at water damage and learn more about how long it can take for this type of damage to manifest.

Repairing water damage in your home due to floods is often what takes the most time - signs of water damage sometimes take as little as three weeks to appear provided that the volume of water passing through is large enough. Jenkins Restorations specializes in rebuilding and repairing properties damaged by wind, water, fire, storms, vandalism or theft. Restoring water damage involves a lot of work such as drying and replacing floors, drywall and insulation - partly because the source of water damage hasn't been addressed but also due to chemicals in paint used to paint the house and drywall. Another unexpected cost of leaving water damage unattended are structural safety and health issues which pose a serious threat to occupants of the home.

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