Is it worth fixing a water damaged phone?

If repairing your phone would leave you with comparable value, repairing it might be a good option. Even if the net worth after repairs is considerably lower, it could be worth it if you can resell the phone. Once you know the value of repairing your phone, compare its broken value. Although most of today's mobile phones have a certain degree of waterproofness, water can still cause real damage to your phone.

And after drying your phone, you might notice that some things aren't working properly. So can it be saved? Or do you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone? According to Asurion experts, placing the device exposed to water in rice can absorb some moisture. However, it can also cause other problems on the phone, such as the introduction of dust and dry starch (a by-product of rice) into the cracks and crevices of the phone. Rice could also get stuck in the phone's charging port or headphone jack, which can be extremely difficult to dislodge, as rice swells when exposed to liquid.

If there is water left inside the device, turning it off can prevent further damage to the internal circuits. Many companies will buy cell phones damaged by water, although some will consider a phone with water damage to be broken. The best way to know if your iPhone is damaged by water is to inspect the built-in liquid contact indicator (LCI). Therefore, while it “can” absorb some water vapor, the real problem is mineral deposits that can cause short circuits or the corrosion that occurs as water evaporates.

Local stores are likely to be the fastest option, but online mail-order repair services are convenient if no local repair shop manages water damage. A professional repair shop that repairs water damage could recover your phone or data, since it has access to professional-level ultrasonic baths and specialized cleaners, as well as the knowledge needed to solve problems with your plate. Find out how to determine the cost of repairing water damage to your phone and if the phone has a longer lifespan or it's time to replace it. If you intend to keep it for a few years, it's cheaper to repair water damage than to buy a new iPhone.

The age, type, and model of your cell phone can also affect the cost of repairing it after water damage. Some offer free diagnostics of water damage, while others charge for the diagnosis and then charge an additional fee depending on what needs to be repaired. Having phone damage insurance can significantly reduce the cost of repairing a phone with water damage, but this type of insurance is relatively underused. It's often difficult for a tech repair shop to determine the cost of repairing a Samsung or iPhone for water damage, unless it looks at its internal components.

Water doesn't waste its time circulating on the phone and the damage it causes is never far away. Water can also enter the iPhone if it was damaged or repaired beforehand, especially if the waterproof seal is broken.

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