Is it Worth Repairing a Water Damaged iPhone?

If you're looking to keep your iPhone for a few years, it's often cheaper to repair water damage than to buy a new one. However, if you're planning on upgrading soon and swapping it out, then it may not be worth the cost. Apple's one-year limited warranty does not cover service for liquid damage to an iPhone or iPod. A professional repair shop that specializes in water damage could recover your phone or data, since they have access to professional-level ultrasonic baths and specialized cleaners, as well as the knowledge needed to solve problems with your device.

Some offer free diagnostics of water damage, while others charge for the diagnosis and then charge an additional fee depending on what needs to be repaired. While newer iPhone models come with water resistance capabilities and Apple designed the charging port to withstand water damage, the port can still be damaged by water under certain circumstances. The best way to know if your iPhone is damaged by water is to inspect the built-in liquid contact indicator (LCI).If you're looking for a quick fix, there is a shortcut that can help agitate the water in the speaker. This is similar to the Water Lock function of an Apple Watch. Water can also enter the iPhone if it was damaged or repaired beforehand, especially if the waterproof seal is broken. Unfortunately, Apple's iPhone warranty doesn't cover damage caused by liquids, but the iPhone can still be damaged by water after continuous and prolonged exposure to water.

If the liquid damages an iPhone or iPod (for example, coffee or soda), Apple's one-year limited warranty doesn't cover repair service for damage caused by the liquid, but you may have rights under consumer protection law. If you need help repairing water damage on your iPhone, visit us today or call (520) 347-8603 to schedule an appointment. Local stores are likely to be the fastest option, but online mail-order repair services are convenient if no local repair shop manages water damage.

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